non-live rings

The Non-Live Ring Program can be completely customized based on your companies customer preference. It is made up of the following:

  • Brass/CZ Samples of your choosing
  • Display Material customized for your rings
  • A complete Program Catalog
  • Customized Training
  • Jewelry Supplies and Tent Cards

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Moissanite program 

Moissanite Product is a largely growing market that has taken the Jewelry Industry by storm. This program that we offer provides your customers with Beautiful Styles at a much lower cost than the same product with Diamonds. The RIngs provided in this program give your customer multiple different options with large luminescent stones, and durability that will not diminish over time. The Beauty of Moissanite is that the products not only turn heads with the radiant sparkle they omit, but that they will continue to hold their shine for years to come.

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10k chain and bracelet program

The Chain Program we have is an extension to the Non-Live Rings. These options give your customer a variety of Real 10K Gold pieces that can be rented on the spot.

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sterling silver program

This Sterling Silver Program makes a great addition to the Non-Live Rings. It gives your customer a variety of affordable options that are able to be rented and taken home from the store without the hassle of waiting.

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white sapphire

The White Sapphire Program has proven itself to be a very successful substitute for Diamond Rings. It provides a bigger option for Center Stones while staying Cost Effective but keeping a brilliant luminescent shine that will stand the test of time.  

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stainless steel program

The Stainless Steel Program is another great addition that can be added to the Non-Live Rings. This particular program offers matching Chains and Bracelets to give your customer plenty of options to choose from! It is also able to rented by your customer on the spot!

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